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Science and education
"Our students will determine how bright and effective the international dialogue will be. Our main task is to guide them on their way to future victories and to provide them with maximum opportunities, ensuring the continuity of generations and the transmission of fundamental values."
Andrey Rudskoy, Rector of Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, member of the Sochi Dialogue Coordination Committee
"The younger generation is moving towards stability, mutual understanding and peaceful solution of global problems. Today young people understand that new goals, projects and achievements are possible only if we act together. Cooperation is feasible in peace, not in a conflict. Our task as the older generation is to set the right guidelines and serve as a good example."
Christoph Leitl, Co-Chair of the Forum
"Culture helps us when we are speechless."
Karin Kneissl, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria
"The youth and the regional format are what makes the Sochi Dialogue Forum take on a new face, becoming a unique platform for a direct dialogue."
Dmitry Lyubinsky, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Austria