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The premiere of the film "Absolute Hearing".

The premiere of the film "Absolute Hearing".

The first international premiere of the film about cochlear implant users "Absolute Hearing" took place in Vienna on October 13!

The Russian House in Vienna with the support of Rossotrudnichestvo and the Russian-Austrian Public Forum "Sochi Dialogue" presented the documentary film "Absolute Hearing", which tells about people with hearing loss and their challenging experience. The screening was attended by Russian and Austrian guests, honored guests from the Russian Embassy in Austria, and MED-EL patients.

"Today, the Austrian company MED-EL, the absolute technological leader, is the reason we can confidently say that deafness is not a sentence," noted Maria Matveeva, Director of the Sochi Dialogue Public Forum.

"These kinds of projects are definitely important for the community. They help to fulfill a lot of goals. This is motivation for the professional community, for psychologists, teachers, surgeons. Moreover, it is a tremendous motivation for those who have lost their hearing, who get a real hope of returning to the world of sounds," said Natalia Konyushenko, producer of the documentary project.

The film raises sharp social questions about hearing loss among adults and tells the story of mature, accomplished individuals who lost their hearing at the peak of their careers but were able to regain it with the help of innovative medical technologies developed in Austria and implemented in Russia.

The film is based on real events: the protagonists of the film are a Moscow priest, a Japanese musician, a military surgeon who survived a terrorist attack in Mozdok, and an honored doctor of the Russian Federation who dreams of hearing the first words of her grandson.

The film has already been shown to the professional community in many cities in Russia and to a wide audience at various events. On the day of the online premiere of the film, more than 3000 people watched it. The film has received numerous positive reviews and high ratings from foreign viewers.

This film helps to draw attention to successful collaborative research and cooperation between specialists from Russia and Austria in the field of hearing restoration. Thanks to their joint efforts, significant achievements have been made: tens of thousands of residents of Russia have regained the ability to hear and enjoy a full life.